Let justice be done though the Heavens Fall


I’ll repeat it…Searching for the path to save you from a fate of despair.

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Uh, so I switched over to SMC, but the south park subtitles stayed….

In case anyone was wondering, it did, in fact, continue.

The Legend of Zelda > > > Hyrule Warriors


Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki(2013)

"There’s a mermaid…actually, a merman, living in my bathtub at home. But that’s not a big deal. The real problem is…How much it’s been costing me.”  

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei.

↳ Daiki Mamura | Coloring by 

Three of my favorite tragic anime protagonists:

Madoka Kaname // Shinji Ikari // Kaneki Ken